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Environment´s information

The town of Arguedas is located in the South of Navarra, Pamplona 80 km and 14 km from Tudela, with which it communicates through the N-134 road.
In Arguedas it is the nature park Senda Viva, real bardenas, dug caves  in the village. 

- It has a population of 2,000 inhabitants.
- In the town we have service of: health center, pharmacy, sports center, swimming pool, library, gas station, bars, restaurants and grocery stores.
- Dates of special interest are:
* February: Carnival.
* Easter.
* June: Extreme Bardena.
* First weekend of August: Festivities (9 days).
* From 3rd week of September: cultural week.

- The town retains a sample of ancient dwellings carved into the rock . Even if their state does not make them viable for occupancy.

The arid landscape , finds its most pronounced expression in the Bardenas , an area of ​​42,500 acres SE of Navarra , where the soil erosion of clays, chalk and sandstone from the Pyrenean folding have created a lunar landscape appearance with ravines , peeled high plateaus and solitary and lofty hills
The Bardenas constitute an area of ​​outstanding natural value which exerts an irresistible attraction for many visitors looking for an open practice place for hiking , cycling and general route for the enjoyment of nature space.

The access to the territory can be done from any of the neighboring municipalities, usually through farm tracks, but the most common route it is from the hermitage of the Virgen del Yugo in Arguedas , where you can enter to the Vedado Eguaras , and most distinctive landmarks of this landscape in Blanca, such as the place of Pisquerra , the hillock of Sanchicorrota , the Ralla and Rallón .

The park offers a day of family entertainment, it is a tour of Navarre 1900 from the riverside to the Pyrenees. Inside the park we can find 500 species of animals, a mini orchard or greenhouse, and amusement rides for the kids and a spectacular free fall.

On their way through the bank, the Ebro forms a meandering forming groves, with all its vegetation and wildlife in the thicket Arguedas it is the thicket Vergara and landscape of the island, a lush place with lots of wildlife especially beekeeping, can walking, hunting Photographic or just listen to the sounds.

-Informational brochures available in the area, routes, restaurants, wineries, selling local products, etc ...


Arguedas is a population located between the Bardenas Reales and the Vega of the river Ebro. It is the most important access point of the visitants of La Bardena Blanca, besides in this municipality is located the Park of the Nature “Senda Viva”. Above the civil monuments, the Palace of Bobadilla and the consistorial House with two different artistic styles from the XVI and XVIII centuries highlight. The gothic-renaissance parish of San Esteban presents a double octagonal crowned in its tower. Likewise, it is worthy the pentagonal bed head of the basilica of San Miguel. 5 km far away is the basilica of Our Lady of Yoke, gothic-renaissance, of the beginning of the XVII century. The remains of a medieval castle with walls of herringbone gear are kept above a rock which dominates the population


The Bardenas. Tudela, Olite Casttle. Park of the Nature “Senda Viva”.


Hiking, cycling. Wineries visit.


Senda Viva
Situado junto a las Bardenas Reales de Navarra que es Reserva de la Biosfera por la UNESCO, podrás disfrutar de un entretenido día con atracciones, un sensacional espectáculo de rapaces y las activida...
Parque Natural Bardenas Reales
Tras su apariencia desnuda e inhóspita, las Bardenas Reales atesoran grandes valores naturales y paisajísticos que cada año atraen a miles de personas y cuyo territorio ha sido declarado Reserva de la...
Conjunto medieval de Olite
Caminar por Olite es adentrarse en una trama urbana medieval fascinante en la que sobresale su gótico castillo palaciego con sus gruesos muros y torres almenadas. Caserones de piedra con sus blasone...
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